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The month that was

March went by too quickly. And with it, the subtle winter. Lots happened. I thought of sharing some of the stuff I enjoyed.

If you know me well, you know I love dessert. My husband too - but mostly - I finish it. We got this Magnum Classic - I personally enjoyed it, but I don't know what the fuss is about. Though I did love the chocolate bar. A lot.

I got some vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake and made some of this too.

We got the Entertainer app so we try out different eateries. And this one - Burger Fuel - has by far the best burgers. I loved both the veg options - like we went back here 3 times.

I enjoyed a quiet weekend of pruning and indoor gardening. It is so therapeutic! Also, I got this rubber plant (ficus elastica) and I'm in love with it.

Netflix and chill - the Breezer is one of the first 'drinks' I tried - and I enjoy it once in a while.

Took a trip to old Dubai - I'm always fascinated to see the different angles of the same city. Tall glitzy buildings and small older ones.

Have you heard this song - Istanbul not Constantinople? It got stuck in my head. I watched this series called the 'Umbrella Academy' - which I recommend - and this was one of the songs in the background. On that note, did you watch season 3 of Santa Clarita diet? I loved season 1 and 2, though 3 was a slight let down.

This view. Had an office dinner at the Sofitel and the view is everything. This and the sunset.

Making full use of the last of the blazer season.

Transition of seasons means rainfall. This kind of weather will always excite me. A drizzle. A thunderstorm and anything in between.

A walk by the sea. The boardwalk in the Palm Jumeirah is everything.

My Pinterest musing. The hair clip! Waiting for my hair to grow out.

I tried out the Lush hair treatment bar and it actually did my hair real good.

And something that made me smile - the Punjabi Mona Lisa! I'm pretty darn sure you received this in your family whatsapp group.

How was your March? I hope you are doing what you love :) Happy April guys xx

Statement neck pieces I'm obsessing over

I don't know if you have watched Grace & Frankie - I did and I loved it. Watched a few episodes twice over. I have always liked Jane Fonda but I fell in love with Lily Tomlin a.k.a Frankie. Her character resonated with me - and so did her accessories. Boho , hippie, statement & bold. I would pause and stare for a while at most of her neck pieces and in some sense - her character inspired in me a love for bold neck pieces. I found a few online stores and I thought of sharing some of the designs that I liked here.

A still from Grace & Frankie



I particularly liked the combination of rough stones and metal - they're so bold - in fact you can wear just a pair of linen pants and a tee and throw a rough stone statement neck piece.










Some of the online stores I really liked were Havana Flamingo , David Aubrey , Afrikea , Adina Mills , Aerow Handmade. Would you wear these statement neck pieces ? Which one is your favourite ? Would love to hear your thoughts xx

Shampoo bars from Lush : Worth a try

Lush is definitely one of my favourite brands. Their soaps smell like heaven. If you have ever used any of their products - you'll agree with me. But I never got around to the idea of using a soap as a shampoo. It felt like a step backward. I mean there's a reason that most brands have liquid shampoos and not a soap to wash off grime from your hair.

A few months ago, I had coloured my hair an ombre. But that incident messed up my hair so bad. To somehow get my hair to be manageable I would run a hot iron through my hair just to look alright for that day. My hair became so dry and damaged and that I had to chop off the ends twice in just a few months.

I took a resolution this June to stop straightening or curling my hair - even if there was an important event.  I haven't yet coloured my hair after last time's debacle. My hair thankfully didn't get worse but wasn't getting better. So I started a series of different experiments. Olive oil massages. Caviar treatment. Almond oil. Virgin Coconut oil. But recently, I decided to experiment with my shampoo. I was using a colour protect shampoo - Kerastase - which is good - just not good enough for my extremely damaged hair.

A few weeks ago - I decided to try out the Lush soap/shampoo for dry and damaged hair. I had so many preconceived notions before buying it and I'll address some of them here. Inspite of it being a soap, it lathers pretty well and pretty fast. You may have used a soap shampoo to be disappointed as it didn't lather well. But the lush one works pretty well.

Foreign language love on Netflix.

So I watched 2 Spanish movies back to back and I absolutely loved both. What am I doing only watching English movies when Peru and Spain and Mexico are coming up with some amazing stories? The most recent movie I watched was 'How to get over a break up'. Now I know that the title is really cheesy, but the movie is really well made. All the characters are well developed, the setting is beautiful - I mean you can watch the movie just for the house, and the story is well written and it leaves you inspired.

About sleeping soundly

It had been a few months that I have been thinking of a solution to my sleeping problem. I couldn't sleep. Extremely small sounds would wake me up. Footsteps outside. Snoring. A fast car driving by (mind you we stay on the 12th floor) but still the faint sound of vehicles would keep me awake. I had sampled out simple ear plugs that you get in hardware stores. Those cost peanuts - but they don't stay in the ear properly neither do they drown out any sound.

I tried out noise cancelling Bose headphones and of course they served the purpose - but you can't really use an expensive pair of ear phones - you'll land up pretty much destroying them and after a while - they begin to hurt your ears.

I did some research and finally bought something off Souq.com - a pair of Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone ear plugs - they're a pair of 6 silicone putty moulds. They're literally moulds - soft round ones placed in an easy to carry travel case.

It's not brand new - I wanted to use the silicone ear plugs a couple of times before writing this piece - just to be sure.

They're unconventional - imagine rolling them to a soft round dough kind of thing, placing them in your ears and allowing them to take the shape of your ears. It may come across as icky to many.
Anyhow, if you can move past the unconventional bit - these plugs work real fine. They drown out the sound so beautifully - I have been sleeping quite well the last few weeks. They're sticky so you can plug them in your ears and they'll stay the night just fine. I was quite apprehensive the first couple of nights - but over a period of time, you get used to the quiet after you put them on and then you just get used to the putty moulds.

5 months off Facebook

Well before the scandal at Facebook broke out and well before Mark Zuckerberg was invited to speak (defend?) to the US senators regarding Facebook data privacy, I deactivated my profile. Honestly, I thought it would be for a week or two - like the previous times I had deactivated my profile.
But it's been 5 months. I think I was concerned about the inappropriate amount of time I spent scrolling through the timeline - often times commenting - in my head - on every single post that appeared on my feed (how narcissistic was that?)

Photo by Rawpixel
Facebook is great - but lately, I prefer a more 'pick up the phone and talk' kind of approach. I talk to lesser people than I used to. I struggle when someone asks me, 'so who all do you keep in touch with?' I can count the people on my fingers. But I have better conversations with those fewer people. And that's working for me.

Postcards from a village near Pushkar, Rajasthan

I've always wanted to go to an actual village, and on a recent trip to India - I got to experience one of the best 24 hours of my life. When you live in a big city like Dubai, the idea of silence, barren land and 'no wifi signal' fade to make sense. We live immersed in so much convenience and technology even without actually understanding it, that to see how lives are lived in small villages in the middle of the desert in India can be a heart wrenching experience. (I am not exaggerating)

Why did I choose Pushkar - and where is it? 
Pushkar is a small town a couple of hours from the capital city of Rajasthan. It is very famous for its annual camel fair - when thousands of camels from all over India are brought to this town to trade, showcase, breed etc. That's how I know about this place. I have a fascination for small towns, the community - what makes the people stay in these towns, how they earn a living, how the children think, where do they buy their every day groceries from and what kind of functions/ festivals do the people go to. The fact that there was easy access from Jaipur via the railways and that I found this amazing farmer who had a small boutique hotel (like really a tiny hut) that seemed like an experience worth having combined with the fact that I did not have a reason to travel to Pushkar; made me go to Pushkar.

It's been a while in Dubai

It’s just any other Friday evening. As the colours of the sky change from a dull indigo to a pale crimson to a beautiful midnight blue, I can see the lights come on. From where I sit, I can see the skyline of the famous Dubai Marina. The shadowy silhouette is slowly changing to a beautifully lit silhouette. I am tempted to take a bus, the F29, my lifeline, to Dubai Marina; just to walk by the water – with the many yachts parked, swaying almost negligibly, on one side and the tall rise buildings on the other side. There are residential buildings, hotels and office buildings, all shining glamorously as the designers have ensured that the steel and glass live up to their reputation of being popular modern architecture elements.

I don’t know if Dubai has ever been called the land of dreams, but for more than a million Asian and Western expats, this city has become synonymous to being called a second home. From the outside, Dubai is a perfect city – I say perfect thinking of Nadia Comaneci and her famous 10 score at the Olympics. But Dubai allows, or rather unceremoniously ignores the chaos, the tiny streets where hustlers sell their artefacts, where taxis park erroneously; surely making the visionaries of this futuristic city scratch their heads in their sleep, where an older generation – the one that came to Dubai in the 90’s – lives in buildings so old, it could remind you of a section of Mumbai’s Dadar.