Wedding centerpieces - Celebration time !!

How much do you think you can play around with the various elements on your wedding day ? I'd say quite a bit. Center pieces are a wonderful yet cost effective way to create the ' nice ' ambience you would want. Round table seating is becoming famous. And for all the right reasons. The past decade saw the infamous theatre style seating, where the audience would stare ( some out of no where else to look ) at the bride and groom on the stage. Slowly, the western seating pattern is being suggested by a lot of wedding planners. This is informal in the sense that you get to be seated among people you are comfortable with ( usually indicated by a table plan ) and formal plainly because it looks way more elegant.

The centre pieces I am talking about can be flowers, candles,  twigs, crystals, small decor elements etc. I personally feel they should reflect the personality of the couple. The conventional white block candles encased in glass speak of warmth. The shocking pink roses or orchids symbolize love and beauty. They can be tall or small ones. The tall ones I feel should be over the head ( literally ) so it doesn't obstruct conversation. And if you have decided you don't want something elaborate, the small centre pieces should be below the head.

Crystals are in. And so are color themes. Ideally. I'd suggest to zero in on a particular color, and then work out flowers that will create a gamut of hues. And now incorporate hanging crystals within a frame where you could place the flowers. This makes a gorgeous centre piece. Sometimes, traditional elements can make unique centre pieces. Like in the Southern parts of India, an urli could make an interesting centre piece. This could be surrounded by petals. I know it wouldn't be right to tell you to experiment with elements and flowers on your wedding day, but a hint of that would create something new.

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