Wedding photography

When allocating a budget for your ' Dream Wedding', I understand when you spend a majority on the flowers, stage, decor, your dress, the accessories etc. But I personally feel all is wasted when you compromise on the photographer. Thinking that you can do without a good one, one that captures all your important moments, one that understands who the close family members are, is a mistake. Photos go down in history. Beautiful photos make history.
The concept of candid photography is fast catching up. These photos are unconventionally taken. They're different in the sense that they're not the typical photos where the entire family is on stage and smiling - ' saying cheese ' at the camera. These capture some of the most priceless expressions. ( The bride shying away, the groom stealing a moment staring at his would-be ). I believe this is just as important as the stage and decor.

Sometimes, black and white photography can do the trick. It is not indicative of a bygone era as some people presume, but portrays something strong and powerful. The emotions for some reason stand out. I would day a mix of candid and black & white , for atleast some set of photos. Oh. And also make sure you take shots of all the elements you've been planning - the centre pieces, those translucent lanterns, the fancy tiebacks etc.

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