Celebrated. Queen Style !

As you grow up, some things become less significant. Some things become less important, some things take a back seat. At some point, life becomes a routine, more mundane than ever. How years pass, birthday after birthday, Christmas after Christmas, becomes meaningless for most. But when that big milestone approaches, the birth of your first child, the birth of your second child, the 10th wedding anniversary, we tend to take time out to reflect how life passed by. A few days back, my parents completed their 25 years of marriage. TWENTY – FIVE years. That is a huge fete according to me. I had a lot of things planned. A special beach holiday and a surprise party were top priority. Well the beach holiday does not need a description. They’re always top notch. But the party was a real surprise.

** The event manager checks the final minute details. The music volume modulated. The song selected from a list of old Hindi romantic songs. The table cloth adjusted. Food counters ready. The chef supervises one last time. Calm. The first guest arrives. A lot of noise. The second guest arrives. Presents given. Fake ‘Oh you’re looking so beautiful’ and ‘I love your saree’. Compeering starts. Ice-breaker session. Cake cutting. ( Phew 25 years over  - still can’t believe ). Dinner. Songs gather pace. Kolaveri plays. Children dance. Elders do NOT. **
And then a magical thing happens. Dad asks Mom to dance. Mom was so nervous but she was willing. They did their slow dance as people moved out. Soft Hindi music played in the background. At that moment I realised how they had made it through 25 years. It is not that they were perfect for each other. But after 25 years they still loved each other. They still respected each other. Wow. As I saw them sway away in each other’s arms slowly, a small tear slid down. This moment would be frozen in my mind forever.

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