Independence ? To ponder about.

Today, as I was stuck in traffic as usual, I heard incessant honking from right behind me. Seeing the jam in front of me, I assumed that the honking would stop. There was absolutely no point honking cause not a single vehicle was inching forward. As the honking continued, I then thought it could be a police jeep. I ruled out the ambulance cause they have their own siren. I turned behind finally, only to see a Corolla, with a number plate indicating that the car belonged to a High Court Judge. The driver got out of the car and signaled to other vehicles to move out of the way. As vehicles adjusted their alignment to let this car go, I thought, and thought. ( This incident happens everyday, minimum twice, keeping in mind the number of high court judges a city has ).

Was this judge late for a hearing ? Or was he showing off his power ? Or maybe he didn't like blocks. Or even better, maybe he thought his life was at threat as he was a judge. I wonder if so much importance would be given to an entrepreneur / engineer / doctor / vet / journalist or even students for that matter. I was once stuck in a block during my board exams, but no one came to my rescue. So why this judge ?

Because we still live in an era which embraces the caste system. The judge belonged to the 'Brahmin' caste, the most superior, with all that power to break through a traffic jam. The condition of the 'Sudras' is a joke in our country. With the government playing with the poverty line figures, the Sudras are themselves confused if they really are poor. The aam admi comes under the 'Vaishyas' or the working class. They religiously work their souls out  to earn a decent salary - to feed their family. The Kshatriyas are the warriors, only difference is that, then, it was bow and arrow, now, it is grenades and missiles.

So what has changed over the few centuries ? Nothing. Something to ponder about right ? We gained independence and proclaim our nation to be a secular democratic nation, but still, power lies in the hands of a few handful of people. It appears that in the name of democracy, the elite are pursuing an autocratic, centralized power, seeking economic control and social regimentation.


  1. omg i can so relate to this!!! these judges are so up themselves!! actually most government officials think they deserve to be treated like demigods. i would slightly disagree with u using a caste system framework to categorize power structures in a capitalist society...but ur last line would ring true with most marxists/ socialists.

  2. But then again, it could have actually been a real emergency right; cant rule that out, what do you say?

    1. It's more or less a daily occurrence Bhavya, the cars with the red boards ( High Court etc ) always make their way through - in fact noticed it just last week.