'That' important choice of staying happy.

Have you ever realized that there is a particular day in history, maybe 10 years ago, that you remember so clearly. A walk in the rain with your best friend. Fearfully touching a dog for the first time. Sitting in your school football ground and watching small children play. Receiving your first pay cheque from your first boss. An old acquaintance complimenting you. It could be anything. And again, have you realized that sometimes 'yesterday' you do not remember with the same clarity ? The same yesterday where you broke up, lost someone, failed an exam, got fired etc.

Those memories just seem to fade away. I believe every memory must be respected, but only some cherished. The others, a lesson must be learnt from. I think memories are a beautiful thing. It is how our brain uses them. Something horrible happened yesterday. But still, today, I choose to think of what happened years ago, just to pull me through this. Thinking about that horrible thing will only take us farther into an abyss. But it is very important to stay happy. If you can accept that horrible thing and learn from it, it is enough. But to feel bad about it is a choice. I choose to be happy, not because I am that cold, but precisely because it is my choice. Yes, sometimes, each one of us fails to remember that it is our choice and makes a mistake. But as far as possible, remember the choice.

I do not understand that when a relationship ends, why is there so much of despair ? If the break up has been a well thought out decision, and there is no future in sight, why feel bad ? Yes, the void hurts, just as loneliness does, but I do not think it is difficult to stay engaged. It is only if we choose to continually think of the past that the despair happens. It is our choice, and life is too short to be unhappy.

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