Meeting a Media Mogul !

Yesterday, as we were waiting in our conference room, waiting for the president of our company to converse with us for a few minutes, I tried imagining how he might look. From everything I had heard about him, I knew he was an icon, a media Mogul. He had transformed the company under his leadership, made the company one of the biggest media players in the world. I was clearly excited at this opportunity, as this was the first time he was coming to our office.

As he entered the room, and as I assimilated the icon, I was in awe. Standing before me was a man, silver grey hair, black framed designer shades ( a Versace i think ), tall and athletic built, blue jean-clad. He spoke for the next 15 - 20 minutes, and I can say with utmost faith, that everyone in the room was blown away. He said a few things which I want to mention just so that I can play it in my head at a future point in time.

He asked us how many of us are still studying. None raised their hands.He said he felt scared looking at us. He did his MBA in 1979, and now claims that his MBA is obsolete. Knowledge becomes obsolete every 18 months, and he stressed on being a perpetual learner. He is doing his second PhD today, and said he needed to keep studying, else he felt inferior and insecure. As President, he used to ( still does ) re-apply for the same job every January. He says that just because he is at such a high post, doesn't mean the company cannot throw him out. He asked us, in fact urged us to enroll ourselves for some course, to keep our minds occupied. He says that the way things are going, our jobs would be screwed in the next 5 years if we don't continue learning. He says 'instability' is the new road. In his 32 year career, he had never seen so much of volatility as he sees today in the industry.

Specifically, talking about the media and advertisement industry, he now says that it has become very difficult for a brand to reach out to their audience. It is happening fast, the audience attention is getting fragmented within different kinds of media. He used the word ' Spaghetti Marketing '. Advertisers are now throwing their products/advertisements, on whichever media space they see. The audience is capturing that data, at their own convenience, and erratically so.
He spoke about Social Media - a term fast gaining importance, and about E-commerce, the next big thing ! These are small words with huge implications for the company's future.
He said that in the next few years, we are going to witness ' Punctuated Equilibrium '- a sudden change. He is now learning about the digital media. He doesn't want to be left behind in the mad race.
In him, I saw a man so passionate about his work, that I was super inspired. Age was no barrier, nothing was ! Full Respect !

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