Spaghetti Marketing

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I was sitting at Cocoa Tree, one of my favorite hangout places ! As I waited for my chocolate excess frappe, I happened to look at the panel of wood toward my left. There were three posters. One about an education fair, one about a party happening soon and one about some store opening. I then remembered being stuck in the traffic block earlier that morning. In front of me was an auto. Beside me was a bus. Both had a similarity. This. Both the vehicles had advertisements on them. Suddenly, everywhere I saw, I could see hoardings. Banners. Flexes. Posters stuck everywhere. Oh my god ! And now, in Cocoa Tree too. Everyone was selling space. And I mean all the display space they own.
This wasn't prevalent a decade ago. Or even 5 years ago. At the time, there was a fixed medium for advertisement. Either the print, the radio or the television. Today, as those still remain some of the most sought after media for advertisements, a concept of scribbling the town has come into shape. Advertisers are throwing their ads wherever they see space and wherever they know we can set our eyes on. From lamp posts to electric poles, from compound walls to bridge railings. This is different from those Out-of-house advertisements. This is scribbling, or spaghetti marketing rather. A desperate attempt to reach out to us customers. Our lives are spammed with advertisements. And it's only going to get worse.

I am wondering whether buildings and houses are now going to give their wall space for advertisements too. And every house can endorse a brand.
Imagine that ! A colorful city - every bit of space utilized.

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  1. i think u should watch this short film :)