A Tale of Love.

A Tale of Love.

The sun was saying his goodbye, spraying the sky with his amber tints.
Along the shore, they walked awhile,
hand in hand, love and her prince.
She told him a tale, down the way,
about a queen and her precious stone,
in a kingdom beneath blue waters lay,
that brought luck to the one it adorned.
She then turned to her prince tenderly,
and said, "if it's true that you love me so,
Pray, would you get that stone for me?
And I'll be yours forever more."

Credit : www.thewallpapers.org

With not so much as a lifted brow,
left the prince on his daring quest.
His ardor, he had resolved to show,
what use had life, if love left him else?
He got the prize of his love's desire,
his charming ways had won the queen.
Delight filled his soul like fire,
forever was his destiny.

He sang his way to their favourite place.
The blue waves against the golden skies,
was the perfect set for love's embrace,
and there he waited with longing eyes.
The twilight drew the dusky blinds,
and pinned it with the stars.
Wondering where she was left behind,
he had waited on for hours.
He lay down on the sandy shore,
he was sure she would come.
She'd said it was forever more,
all of a sudden, he was numb.

He waited for her for many a day,
without a sign, he was still holding on.
"She'll come", he'd always say,
"if not tonight, then in the morn!"

Upon that shore, even today,
awaits a prince for love's beckon.
"I will find her again someday,
till then my search will carry on."
Maybe love shouldn't be mission bound,
to bring back love a precious stone,
Love should be the treasure found,
a promise to always holding on.
And if and when love loses out,
maybe we should let love go.
Because that's what life is all about,
it's not always forever more.

The poem was written by a close friend Chinju, who's talent has left me awestruck.


  1. hats off to ur friend...

    they say imagination is out come of some inspiration :P

  2. Nice......