Dedicated to the youngest in the family :)

My little sister graduated this weekend ! From being an elder sister, crazy and evil things-to-do partner, sensible voice, a guide, a friend, a counsellor and lots of other cool roles I play, today, I'm so happy ! An MBA from a premier institute has been her dream, except that, she worked really hard for it, so I think I'll call it her goal. Since she was a little kid, she knew what she wanted, and she would work really hard to achieve it. On Saturday, we drove to Kozhikode to join her for the convocation ceremony of the batch of  IIM-K 2015.

The campus is one of the greenest campuses among IIMs. And the spirit of the students is amazing. There's a positive vibe that you can feel. It's been a while I went to any campus, and I was really looking forward to this trip !

Posing with the next Indra Nooyi *wink wink*

There's a beautiful feeling in seeing proud parents cheering for their sons and daughters as they go on stage to get their priced certificate. Beside us, was a family that had come all the way from Ludhiana and the mother was so excited ! She couldn't stop talking about her son. Behind us were parents who were discussing how they shouldn't miss the moment and were practising taking photos of other students on stage. Then there were siblings like me who were gingerly sitting and waiting for our turn - when our "evil things-to-do partner" would come up and
we could cheer our loudest. After the convocation was over, there were long hugs between friends and sad goodbyes. And lots of photos being taken !

That moment ! 

Update :

Since a lot of people asked, I wore a kaftan styled kurta from Biba for the graduation :)

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