Miss to Mrs - Part 1

I don't think I have gotten over the fact that I got married; to actually sit down and write about our wedding. A lot of posts can be written and it still would not describe the experience of getting married. It's beautiful. I got married on the 4th day of May, 2015.

The days leading up to the wedding were really hectic ! Last minute reminders to the floral decorator, the venue manager, the photographer and a long list of vendors and support staff. Let me also include last minute calls to friends and family.

Most of my close family and friends came down by the 2nd. We had a really fun and colourful mehendi session that day.

Why we put mehendi ?

One very popular belief is that the darker the colour of the mehendi, the deeper the love the bride has for the groom. Also, apparently, the darker the colour, the greater the understanding between the bride and her mother in law. Scientifically, mehendi is supposed to be a cooling agent, with all the stress that the bride goes through, this is a good stress reliever.

The intricate Indian mehendi on my hands - I had it on for a good  5 hours !
I had put some colorful sheer fabric on my windows just to set the right mood.
The bridal mehendi is supposed to go all the way till the elbow from the palm, and from the feet to below the knee. The mehendi ceremony was a lot of fun, with everyone dancing towards the end. I was especially pampered as I was technically immobilised with all the mehendi on my hands and legs. I wore a bright pink Anokhi kurthi after I was inspired from this.

On the 3rd of May, we had my haldi ceremony.

What is the haldi ceremony ?

As the name suggests, close family members put haldi (Turmeric paste) on the face of the bride the day of the wedding or the prior day. Scientifically, haldi or turmeric has healing properties and is supposed to be very good for the skin - it leaves the skin glowing ! Lots of old folklore are sung by the elders as the ceremony goes on. For this, I wore a saree in Gujarati style (first time ever) !

As per tradition, after the haldi ceremony, the mom's brother is supposed to make you stand up, and, the best part,
you get to ask for whatever you want !! I asked for tickets to South Africa haha.

According to belief :
  • Haldi keeps buri nazar (evil eye) away and keeps all the negativity at bay
  • Haldi has a bright yellow colour, which is considered auspicious for the new couple who're just starting off a new life
We also went to our Jain temple for some blessings after the haldi ceremony. We left for Guruvayoor on Sunday afternoon and I spent the rest of the day day-dreaming about my last 'Single' day.

So this is how I spent the weekend before the big day. Lots of ceremonies, fun, dancing, praying and blessings ! Lots of laughter and songs being sung, lots of food being eaten and lots of pampering. Some silent moments being exchanged with my sister or dad, and other loud moments where you can't stop giggling. And of course, once in a while, sneaking away a message to Navin ! I had an amazing time :) Wait for part 2 - where I tie the knot !

Have any of you written about the days leading up to your wedding ? Do post a link in the comments below - I'd love to read.

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  1. Yes I totally get it..have been married for 2 years now n still getting used 2 d feeling :)
    Nice post !

    Ananya Kiran
    BoHo StYLe

  2. Thanks Ananya ! It is a great feeling indeed :)

  3. Meera VenkatramanJune 01, 2015

    Cherish these moments, every bit. Life is just too gorgeous. God bless you

  4. congratulations!! sounds like you had a fun time! and also thanks for all the information about mehendi and haldi :)

    1. Thanks Debajyoti :) I did have fun !

  5. Hi Shruti,
    Loved your post.
    You have a nice zesty style of writing.
    Keep blogging.
    Vikram Karve
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