7 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's day is fast approaching. I wanted to gift my dad something this year, we usually never forget to gift our dads on birthdays, but this time, I wanted to surprise my dad on Father's day - June 21. ( I won't be around this time on his birthday )

These are some of my favourite gift ideas:

1. #Quirky

Some fun printed playing cards from Chumbak along with a 'I look upto you Dad' keychain and a 'Super Dooper Awesome Dad' mug. This is the cool combo. Or if you're unsure if he'd like/ use them, I suggest buying something for the home. I loved these colourful tea coasters also from Chumbak. Both are below 1000 INR.

2. #Sweet

A whole box of chocolate ( or a flavour your dad likes ) cupcakes with a 'You're the best Dad' topping on each. Or, you can even get fun cup cake toppers - something like these - I found them happy and cute. You can also suggest your baker to put an old photo that you like as a topper. Or make your own. You should be able to get a dozen cupcakes for below 1000 INR.

All photos from their respective websites.

3. #Useful

How about a Fabindia cotton shirt ? Their new collection has some very nice summer colours. (I like their Indigo collection too). I personally love Indian prints and liked this one. The price is around 900 INR.

4. #Quirky

Buy your dad an old poster of a band he used to listen to as a teenager. My dad listen to a lot of Abba, Beatles and of course, John Lennon. And I found these really cool posters on Postergully - this and this. Most of their jumbo ( 2 ft by 1.5 ft ) posters are around 700 INR.

5. #Useful

Every body needs a laptop bag - I found this on Hidesign that I really liked - very sleek and stylish. or if don't want to splurge - this one sold at Amazon is also a great buy and gift. The range is 1500 INR to 6000 INR.

6. #UptheQuirky 

I recently came across this awesome online store called Dulce Couture and their products are reasonably priced, they sell phone cases to jewellery - and everything in between. I loved their beer mugs - especially this one. You can get a cricket themed set of glasses for around 500 INR. So, if your dad likes a beer or two, why not a beer glass ?

PS : These are strictly my personal suggestions, I endorse no brand !

All photos from their respective websites

7. #Personal

Well, this isn't really a 'thing' - it is more of a DIY gift - I am very fond of handmade gifts and if you have time, make one for your father. Collect some old photos and make a scrap book or get hold of some old songs and make a CD for the car (Dad's love this one). Or something that I have always wanted to do, make small paper chits for monopoly nights, or dinner and movie nights or a ghazal night or a comedy stand up show with your dad at a nearby auditorium. Have fun :)

Loved this scrapbook idea from Ellapublishing.

What are you planning to give your dad this Father's day ? I'd love to know. Or do you have any ideas that you've always wanted to do for Father's day? Leave a comment !

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