Miss to Mrs - Part 2 - the Wedding !

This is a follow up from my Miss to Mrs - Part 1.

As I looked into the mirror, I found it hard to believe - so I had to stare at myself for a good few minutes. I was not one of those who dreamt of that day when one got married, so I had not visualised how I should look. I had jasmine flowers pinned to my hair, which gave my face a 'Malayali bride' look. And I wore a Kasavu Kerala saree - the white traditional saree with a gold zari border.

We left after my haldi ceremony on Sunday afternoon. (The wedding was on Monday morning) We had hired a bus to Guruvayoor as there were some 20 of us. We were all very high in spirits, we sang songs, played antakshari. It was first old folks versus young folks, then boys versus girls, then we just got tired. The route to Guruvayoor is beautiful - with Kerala continuously playing scene upon scene of it's magic to us. There were moments where I withdrew from all the music and conversations, I still couldn't believe I was getting married the next day. Other moments, I would suddenly sing louder than anyone else.

The Guruvayoor temple is one of the most important places of worship of the Hindus of Kerala. Visitors to the temple usually stay a night in this holy town. There are several lodges, hotels and wedding halls. The temple opens at 3:00 AM daily for the devotees. (3:00 AM !!) A few of my relatives did go to the temple in the early hours of the morning.

After a bit of nervous laughter and last minute chatter with my best friend and my sister, I slept. I slept like a log - like there was not a worry in the world. I was actually tensed that I won't get enough sleep and end up with dark eye circles on my wedding day. I woke up just fine the next morning at 5. We started my saree draping and make up. Slowly, the one butterfly in my stomach had multiplied exponentially. I felt nervous, there were just so many people, all having their own visions of how the bride would look. I had close friends who also came in early, and I am so grateful for that.

Tip :
  • Get awesome sleep the night before. Don't think too much.
  • On the day, be surrounded by people who would make you feel comfortable and who've seen you on your worst days ! My sister virtually made me laugh and I had to tell her to stop lest my make-up should get spoilt. ( It's important to laugh )
  • Don't hunch no matter what.
  • Smile a lot, because, every step you take, a photographer lurks. Make his job easier by smiling all the time !
Can't thank these ladies enough !

Outside, it was already a busy regular day for the devotees. Inside, it was a special day for me. By 8, I was ready. I was happy and I felt special. For once in my life, I did not mind being pampered. The hugeness of the day had not yet hit me. When the photographers arrived, I was ushered out of the room and there was a lot of oooh and wow that did the rounds. I was on cloud 9 and, at the heights of my nervousness. When Navin's family started arriving, I was so eager, I couldn't wait to see the groom !

After a lot of  'please smile less' and 'please smile more' and some more posing, Navin and I walked towards the mandappam. I must add here, that the heart beats a lot faster - the bigness of the moment hits you - like a drizzle that has suddenly turned torrential. Guided by family and friends, by the poojari and other elders, we tied the knot around 9 30 AM. That moment, when my father held my hand one last time, as a single woman, before placing it in Navin's, was so precious. We also did the beautiful three pheras around the pyre. It was a short 5 to 10 minute ceremony post which we went to the temple to pray. We were married !!!!

Amidst confusion on whether to smile or laugh, whether to look at the photographers
and if so, which camera, I decided to laugh.
Those garlands were surprisingly heavy !

After the ceremony we came back to the hall for our reception - We had a total of three receptions, one in Guruvayoor, one at his home town and one in mine. I could not complain about those 2 days, they were so much fun. All the attention the entire crew of photographers gave us, all the attention lovely cousins and relatives gave us, the help and support our friends gave us, little giggles that my best friends and I shared - it was all wonderful.


  • This is something I completely underestimated, but practise your best angles for photos and smiles. Especially if you're not a selfie queen like my very good friend Pooja !
  • On the day of the wedding/reception, don't run behind the stage d├ęcor or floral decorator or the food guy - like just don't. If you're really particular about the finer things, write your 'peevs' down and delegate it to a responsible soul. It's really important to delegate, else trust me, you'll land up doing the small stuff and miss the big stuff !
  • Some things are bound to frustrate you. Some things are just bound to go wrong. On our way from Palakkad to Kochi for our reception, I was to reach the parlour in Kochi by 8:45 AM. At 9:00 AM I was 2 hours away. I panicked, because of many reasons. 
    1. The make up artist had specifically said she needed 2 hours to do me up. 
    2. My mother had specifically said be there at the venue by 11:45 AM. 
    3. I wanted a nice bun on my hair, which takes time. 
    • Okay - I can go on. Navin drove maniacally, and instead of 2 hours, the make up artist did me up in an hour. Gosh, I thanked her vehemently! My point is, it was easy to lose your cool, but trust me, nobody will remember the screw ups, so stay calm. Crack a joke. Nobody likes a crazy bride !
  • Drink a lot of water ! I can't emphasize the disaster that will unfurl if you forget to do so.
  • Giggle - steal a moment away and laugh :)

I wore kanchipuram bridal-wear sarees throughout for the receptions - the first two purchased from Kalyan Sarees in Thrissur, the third one from Jayalakshmi in Kochi. (I love sarees, especially kanchipuram - but by Tuesday, I vowed not to wear a saree again for a long time - Also, after you continuously smile for 3 hours straight for 2 consecutive days, you have to un-train yourself to go back to your natural smile - third world problems, no big deal !) Also, I tried not to have too much make up on, I wanted to look like myself - this is something I had decided long back.

Photos from our Reception :)

The first.
The second.

The third.

I've been married a little more than a month, but the four days - from May 2nd to May 5th ring so clear in my mind. Also, did you notice, how our smiles got wider as each function got over and on the last day, we could not help laugh !! It was finally over - months of preparation, planning, shopping, coordination - all of it. These were amazing days :)

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