Can not wait for Kuwait

(I wrote this just before heading out - will be updating about my first week in Kuwait soon)

Now that I know I am heading to Kuwait July 1st week, I've been reading up so much about the country (obviously) - reading different blogs and websites. I am quite excited to be going, even though I know and have heard that Kuwait is not the best place to live. The middle east has always held a certain mystique for me, and I guess I'll begin my Middle East Diaries with Kuwait :)

Photo taken by Navin from his apartment - Day and Night !

1. #Touristy

I stumbled upon The Mirror House - it's the only house in the whole world covered completely with beautiful Mirror Mosaic - all done by a single artist. It sounds really cool and I can't wait to see the place.

The Fail-aka island - which was a bustling with life island pre gulf war - but after the Iraqi troops attacked the island, they reduced the island to ruins. Today, apart from militants occupying the island, the island is almost empty and quiet - and it has not aged in time. I would love to spend some time here !

I would love to see the Grand Mosque and the Kuwait Towers too.

2. #Shopping

When Navin first went there, he told me about the Friday Flea Market. I couldn't hold my excitement. I love flea markets, and I can't wait to check it out. It's called the Souk-Al-Mubarakiya and it's in Kuwait city. It apparently sells everything - from dates to antiques and old furniture. I bet I'd like this place.

Avenues, Marina and 360 Mall - Ah well, these are the first names I learnt when Navin went to Kuwait. I have heard that shopping in Kuwait is one of the best and finest experiences, with almost every brand having a store in one of these malls. Can't wait for a whole in the pocket.

H&M - Can't wait !

3. #Food

And after a lot of 'making me jealous' - I will finally get to go to the Cheese cake factory ! And I have decided I will not share food !! Ha. There are some other restaurants and eateries that I have come across while reading a few blogs - starting with The Banana Leaf. (They have Indian Thalis)
I want to try Lebanese food too ! I also hope they have veg burgers at Potbelly :(

This is just a small compilation - I'm sure there are at least another 257 eateries which we would visit out of which I am sure I'd relish at least 200 of them ! A lot of Kuwait coming up on my blog :)

2 lovely blogs I found - Aloha Kuwait and 248am on Kuwait.

4. #New Home

The excitement of setting up a new home is at it's height at the moment. And, oh guess what, we finally found a cute apartment in Salmiya ! Waiting to do it up, Yaay ! Can't wait to raid the IKEA stores ! Always been a fan of IKEA - ever since I flipped the amazing pages of it's magazines.

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  1. so you have been through alot in a week... some of the top spots... :)
    theres more.. take time and enjoy...

    1. Thank you Nivya :) looking forward to meeting you !