The Week that Was. 1.

I have been reading a lot more. I just finished reading the Wide Sargasso Sea, and what a beautiful read it was. Threw light on a land I didn't know much about, the 19th century Jamaica. But this is not the reading I meant. I have been reading online articles, blogs, looking at chic Italian homes, scouting for recipes (it gives me a high, the conversion rate to actually cooking it is like 2%)

I got my much awaited package this week. Some books, neck pieces purchased from Studio Shetal Parrekh (my very talented cousin) and some chocolates!

Bought from Shetal Parrekh Studio, Chennai

We celebrated Onam at our new home in Kuwait. And I was extremely nervous, it was my first event being a host, and it was not 4 or 6 people. There would be 15 people. And that's huge for me. The lunch, called Onam Sadhya, is usually eaten on a banana plantain, with hands. But we weren't sure how comfortable everyone would be, so we bought plastic plates, cups, spoons, glasses. But to our surprise, everyone ate on the leaf, with hands ! We had a wonderful time. It felt so good to get messages later on that we were great hosts ! (Do you usually message the hosts after a dinner/lunch/party at their place? I'm going to start doing that. Figured it's a very sweet gesture)

The first batch ! 15 of us just couldn't fit in one go.

Some of the stuff from around the internet world that I really liked. Thought I'd share them !

What some of the successful women do before hitting the bed. I liked a few especially, the meditation bit. I wonder what it's like to meditate before sleeping. Also, this one.

Are you guys on Snapchat yet? I'm still in 2 minds. I have a hard time keeping track of my Instagram. However, this article by Adventurous Kate gave a lot of insight, as to why Snapchat matters.

This video has been going viral, and what a brilliant message that I loved.

Guys who love to flaunt 2 things - their writing style and the city they love, do check this contest out. I found it quite interesting, and obviously I'll be participating too.

If you're a regular reader on Medium, you would've read this. I loved how this article, very clearly, has some of the best learning sites from around the world. (I do swear by Coursera and Duolingo) - Do you already use any?

If you haven't watched the TVF Pitcher series, please go watch them. We watched them back to back, and are totally obsessed. It's for anyone, it inspires, makes you laugh and also get's you addicted. Let me know if you watched/liked it.

Some drool worthy homes. This gorgeous Spanish home and a small Parisian home (so very girly, but I loved it)

That's all guys. Have a happy Weekend ! We're planning to go to an animal shelter for some volunteering. What do you plan to do? Leave a comment xx

Above photos by Navin R


  1. Replies
    1. Looks like you had an exciting weekend shru :) btw were you the one who prepared all the dishes for sadhya ? Anxious to know that part of the story;)

    2. No re. I didn't cook. We ordered in sadhyas from a restaurant here. It came fully packed. With pickle and all the curries :)

  2. Shrutii!! Ok we havent met yet..but i am dying to meet u...ive been telling navin at least twice in a week tht i wanna meet u.. I love ur blog shruti.. Its amazing how u manage to keep it lively and ongoing even after coming here.. Loved ur post about kuwait as well.. I have a blog too and ill send u the link for it...would love to see ur feedback as well.. Anddd id love to meet u soon! Enshahallah!

    1. Hi Kiran ! So nice to see your comment here ! Yes we should meet. Definitely. I'm free most of the time. And thanks :) do send me the link. Would love to check out your blog. We'll meet soon ! :)