The Week that Was. 2.

Last weekend, we went to an animal shelter near Wafra, which is extremely close to the border of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The drive was super fascinating. Kilometres of barren land, a long road ahead, very few vehicles and a few camels once in a while. I stared outside so excited, even though there was nothing really 'out there' to see. What amazed me was the extent of the desert. Miles of sand in one direction, miles of sea in another.

After a brief orientation on how to handle and groom cats and dogs, we were given time to socialise with their in house animals. We had so much fun. Some of the cats were super friendly, and the dogs were hyperactive, running all over the place ! If you guys ever get some time, go to a local shelter in your city. It's almost like a sort of therapy. Ask an animal lover friend, or someone who has pets, they'll invariably know some animal shelters/ adoption agencies/ NGOs. I was quite happy so see a lot of young kids who'd come with their parents. I guess it is a good idea to teach kids to be compassionate with animals. (TIP - Carry a lot of hand sanitizer as a lot of places don't stock them and you don't want to be a carrier of any sort of germs, either between animals or to other humans)

The other day, I had some left over idlis, but the ones kept in the fridge. (I love only hot idlis) There's this recipe that I learnt from my mom. Though I think I have simplified it a hundred times over. It's similar to this recipe - but I skipped the tomatoes and capsicum part. It tastes equally good. And guess what happened. My house help told me she learnt something new from me. It's a very rare occasion ! (it's usually the other way round) #goodfeeling

Some links from the internet world I think you guys will like.

Women at work place - this is such an often discussed topic. I was quite stunned to read this woman's experience !

Have you ever wondered what a volcano eruption in Hawaii looks like ? Spend 3 minutes and watch this. It is so gorgeous! I loved it.

I recently came across this slightly old post. I used to be a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy, but even if you aren't, these quotes are so beautiful.

Am loving these kind of articles. Daily habits of creative people!

I absolutely loved this video - in the form of questions ! In fact, I landed up watching all the videos - lovely homes and lovely women !

Happy Weekend guys ! Have a fun weekend :) What are you guys up to? Leave a comment xx

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  1. And I am amazed that they have compassion for animals.. Whereas in Saudi Expats are also not treated well and non veg food is their top priority..

    1. Hi Mahek ! Thanks. Yea in kuwait they have a few organisations that are into this. But am sure every place has a positive and negative side to it :)