Hometour : An eclectic and chic, modestly sized living room

Colors and designs have always fascinated me. At one point, I wanted to be an Interior Designer. I loved browsing through catalogs of IKEA as a kid. I would dream to grow up and be able to design spaces. Apparently, just loving IKEA is not enough.
But I do have a great platform in the form of my blog to pursue my interests. And I can't wait to explore pretty and well done up spaces!!

When I moved to Kuwait, one of the first things I wanted to do was, well, any guesses?
I wanted to see IKEA and Pottery Barn. So much for my love of Design.
I'm going to show you guys a beautiful living room today, of a relatively small and compact flat. Who said small spaces can't be gorgeous? The space has been utilized very well, and yet, the room doesn't seem too crowded. They've also painted one wall dark blue, which is so daring - and I think that's given their little home a lot of eclectic character. Also, the couple who designed this space, Wasim and Huma have used only the right amount of blue - any more and it would speak gothic maybe.

The shelf, the white stands above the TV, the book shelf and the lamp - all are from IKEA. In fact, all that makes the living room awesome is bought from IKEA. I also liked how they added tiny elements of green.
I loved how they used blue. The big blue sofa-chair along with the nude sofa do their job - and the cushions add a dash of color. Notice the remote control holder on the left hand of the sofa. So many times I'm either hunting for the remote (most of us have 2 or 3) or I'm going crazy because my sofa seems to always have the remotes scattered around. This seemed a good solution.
I am a huge fan of frames. Because they can make an empty wall look so bright and artsy. You can add photos that have a theme, same mood or the photos could just be a lot of your travel snapshots. Don't forget to use both horizontal and vertical frames :)
The couple is planning to cover the shelf with a glass door once their baby starts crawling !
I love shelves. Be it a books shelf or a shelf, like like the one above, where Wasim & Huma added a few everyday objects with some decorative objects. One problem people usually face, not how to buy a good shelf, but how to make the shelf look good. We all want pretty shelves, like in magazines, but we just don't know where to begin. Emily Henderson, the awesome stylist, designer and blogger writes how you can style your shelves in 3 easy steps.
  1. Start with your books. You can add hard bound books and novels both - and stack them horizontally and vertically both. Space it out well.
  2. Add art. Not all your artsy objectives will fit - but whatever you can. Example - Frames, small paintings. Art adds a nice personality to your shelf :)
  3. And last - mix both up. Here you add your small pretty stuff - china, a small vase, trinkets sculptures. And ensure that you have a colour palette in mind. Add different textures, sizes, objects but stick to your colour theme. You can read the entire article here.
I loved how the book shelf is so neat. I think a white shelf on a royal blue
background gives an eclectic feeling.
(I am huge bibliophile, if you didn't know)
My friend is actually in her 8th month, so they recently had a surprise baby shower ! You can still see some remnants. I liked how even in a simple table & chair set, they added colour with the cushions.
Oh how I love table lamps and lamp shades of different colours and material. This was made from cane, and was also bought from IKEA.
Basically, the entire living room was, barring some decor which was bought from Gujurat in India, an IKEA catalogue! A modestly sized living room that was converted to a romantic and modern room with an eclectic dark/royal blue colour adding the style quotient. Would you guys dare to colour your walls dark colours? Leave a comment !

All photos taken by Navin R ; Furniture from IKEA Kuwait.

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  1. Mom always says don't go for dark colours when it comes to interior.. after going thru this article may be i can try it out next time :) e1 I'm a big fan of inreriors, i always do something or the other and keep changing the look of my rooms.. like always i can relate myself to all ur articles shru :) keep writing....

    1. Same here, I'm always looking for breezy and white spaces, but this home looks amazing :) Thanks Soni for reading :)