What to pack in your carry-on for a long flight

I know that a lot of people are already done with their holiday, it being February and all. But, I also know quite a few of you who are planning your trips for 2017 already!!!! While I am not going to be traveling for a bit, I am going to be doing some travel related posts, some outfit posts (yaaaay!!) and some design posts.

I took my first long haul flight from Addis Ababa - the capital city of Ethiopia to Bangkok. It's easier said than done to sleep throughout the flight. My feet get numb and swollen and I have to keep my feet up which is difficult because, well, flight. I have other issues - my attention span is negligible, my skin becomes dry and that makes me irritable for reasons beyond me.

I have put together a list of all those essential items you should pack - especially on a long flight.

Essentials for the long flight -

I've added the details of the items at the end of the post.
I like to carry warm socks to keep my feet warm. The moment I get comfortable and settled in on a long flight, I take my shoes off and put my socks on. I got my pair from La Senza - I know the brand is synonymous with amazing lingerie - but they have the most comfortable pair of socks !

I always carry a cardigan - I need something to snuggle in. Even when the AC is turned off, I like a layer.

I really think staying moisturized is key on a long flight. The cabin temperature is always cool which makes the skin dry. I carry a hand cream and a body butter (remember you can't carry liquid containers above 100 ml). I usually buy my hand creams and lotions from Body Shop, and recently I bought an entire tarvel kit from L'occitane. (below).

I love L'Occitane - and their travel kit is really convenient.
I also have a lip balm, lipstick and kajal in my bag as these are quick makeover essentials after a long flight. A lot of people I know carry a lot of other make up - but since I am more of a 'less makeup' person - I am good carrying just these.

I usually carry a sleeping mask and a neck pillow to sleep comfortably. I for one can not fall asleep even if there's a splinter of light around.

I also suggest carrying a book / magazine or having an E-reader (Ipad / Kindle) for those beautiful morning hours when you can't sleep.

Carrying wet wipes are another good idea. I carry the smaller pack (for eye makeup removal) but it can be used on the whole face. This is only to save some space.

Finally, the powerbank. The last thing I need is phone/ipad with low battery in a new place.

You can find the details below :

My headphones are from Skullcandy. They're wireless and quite comfortable. You can find it here.
You can find a similar sleeping mask here.
The sleeping pillow -
Socks as mentioned from any La Senza store
Wet wipes are from Boots but you can find it any pharmacy.
I love those glasses - they're from Dulce Couture.
Lipstick is a red from MAC
The lip balm is from Forest Essentials - it's a subtle sugared rose petal.
Kajal and eye liner are both from Maybelline

Anything else that you like  to carry in your add on bag? Or that you can't do without? Leave a comment xx

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