The month that was

March went by too quickly. And with it, the subtle winter. Lots happened. I thought of sharing some of the stuff I enjoyed.

If you know me well, you know I love dessert. My husband too - but mostly - I finish it. We got this Magnum Classic - I personally enjoyed it, but I don't know what the fuss is about. Though I did love the chocolate bar. A lot.

I got some vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake and made some of this too.

We got the Entertainer app so we try out different eateries. And this one - Burger Fuel - has by far the best burgers. I loved both the veg options - like we went back here 3 times.

I enjoyed a quiet weekend of pruning and indoor gardening. It is so therapeutic! Also, I got this rubber plant (ficus elastica) and I'm in love with it.

Netflix and chill - the Breezer is one of the first 'drinks' I tried - and I enjoy it once in a while.

Took a trip to old Dubai - I'm always fascinated to see the different angles of the same city. Tall glitzy buildings and small older ones.

Have you heard this song - Istanbul not Constantinople? It got stuck in my head. I watched this series called the 'Umbrella Academy' - which I recommend - and this was one of the songs in the background. On that note, did you watch season 3 of Santa Clarita diet? I loved season 1 and 2, though 3 was a slight let down.

This view. Had an office dinner at the Sofitel and the view is everything. This and the sunset.

Making full use of the last of the blazer season.

Transition of seasons means rainfall. This kind of weather will always excite me. A drizzle. A thunderstorm and anything in between.

A walk by the sea. The boardwalk in the Palm Jumeirah is everything.

My Pinterest musing. The hair clip! Waiting for my hair to grow out.

I tried out the Lush hair treatment bar and it actually did my hair real good.

And something that made me smile - the Punjabi Mona Lisa! I'm pretty darn sure you received this in your family whatsapp group.

How was your March? I hope you are doing what you love :) Happy April guys xx

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