It's been 6 years of Blogging !

I just realised this is my 100th post. (Hundred !!) I started blogging in March of 2011, when I was a wedding planner. It seems like a hundred years ago. That was a time when my meetings used to be in Le Meridian or Ramada. Or my favourite, Taj Malabar, overlooking the water. I don't mean to show off, but I am reminiscing a part of my life that I am surprised I experienced. Most people, at 22, wouldn't have taken the risk that I took - of chasing a dream.

Of chasing dreams.
I wanted to be many things as a kid, most of all a vet, I thought there was nothing better in the world than to spend time with animals and take care of them. But for many reasons, that never materialised. Though even today, if I had to spend time in an animal shelter or a farm, I would be more than happy.
When I graduated as an engineer, I had an offer to join Infosys, at the time considered 'amazing'. And a person in the right frame of mind, who did not want to do a Masters or who had no clue what to do in life, would have taken that offer up. (The Mysore campus of Infosys was apparently world class)
But I chose to do wedding planning. I remember when I took that decision, there were people who I did not know cared for me, who told me to think twice.

Of shining brightly.
There are times, when you feel so strongly about something, but you are dissuaded from chasing it or standing up for it merely because of what other people think or say. There are decisions even I have taken based on how 'other people' will react. You choose to do the easier thing, even if it means knowing you would've been happier had you been strong enough not to care about the 'other people'. I evolved as a person so much in the past 6 years, I am more careful how I define these 'other people' now - I do not give the power so easily for anyone to be part of that group I actually look up to, whose opinion I value. I have learnt that you need to chase your heart at times, but there will be times where you will you have to go with the easier, practical, obvious thing. And consequences of your decisions will be your own. As J K Rowling said in her speech at Harvard, 'There's an expiry date in blaming your parents', or anyone for that matter.

I conceptualised my first wedding 6 years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed my year as a wedding planner, until I realised that it wasn't what I wanted to do forever. You can call it a phase, which I will never regret. I learnt so much, it's one of those jobs that teaches you a little of everything, from selling to presentation preparation, to being persuasive (convincing your client to go from a carnation to a lily and doubling the estimate) - and that's good business - it's a 'don't say it aloud' secret, but everybody has targets, even a florist and even your lights and sounds vendor.

Believe in yourself :)
I met some lovely people from around the globe, it's during weddings that you see people in their true elements. Not only the bride or groom, but the siblings, close friends and families. Quiet moments between loved ones is so precious, I am so grateful I could witness so many of these. It gave me several great perspectives, I saw and understood many points of views, from the person who would be paying the bill, from the one who subtly tries to increase that bill, from the vendor who would try to do cost cutting and from the people getting married, the ones who would dream of their big day and want nothing but perfection.

Most importantly, I crossed paths with talented people from so many different professions. I met wedding planners and entrepreneurs, DJ's and sound engineers, singers, dancers and artists, florists, chefs (these are my favourite lot - they would always have something for me to taste), F&B managers, photographers and film makers, make up artists and beauticians, now that I look back, I can't stop but smile.

6 years since I first penned down my thoughts !
I started blogging then, when I had to put down my thoughts in words. Incidentally, I started with writing about wedding planning. My blogging journey has been amazing, and it's not easy to keep at it, especially that blogging at times feels like a lonely journey. But it's been 6 years, of writing, meeting new people and connecting with some amazing people. Still can't believe it's been 100 posts, I can't wait to hit another 100 posts ! I am grateful to each one of you who at some point or another supported me in this journey.


  1. Of 100, 36 are for travel. For reaching next 100 faster, you need to travel more. That is something you love to do anyway...

    1. True, hopefully will plan more trips next year :)

  2. Wowww...nice read. My exact feelings when I chose copywriting over engineering.

    1. Thanks Shruti :) And I think most of us do engineering out of a lack of choices and guidance, and a few of us take a risk later on !