The month that was

So - since I received a good response on my previous post - I thought of doing more of these.
Alright - so April is over - it flew by. Is it me or is 2019 going way faster than the previous years? A lot happened last month. I went home - to Kerala. It was so hot that I have made a mental note to try and not go during summer again. Every time I go home - I miss staying in India. It's like in the movie Sweet Home Alabama. Melanie loves the city - but when she goes home - she misses home.

A few pictures from my trip home. I love visiting my dad-in-laws farm - I mean there's little not to love. Families of peacocks and peahens, lush greenery, mango and coconut trees.

Got to attend a friend's engagement - so of course - a selfie. I love wearing sarees - but I don't get to wear it as much as I'd like. I kept joking that the humidity in Kerala was turning my hair into Monica's famous frizzy hair.

Have you guys tried this brand of milkshakes? I tried a Keventers for the first time. It was so so good. And now - an avocado plant grows in the bottle. Those bottles are keepers.

I got another bottle of the Kumkumadi from Kama Ayurveda. I had written about this a long time ago. This is the blog post. I love how my skin feels the next morning - adding a little radiance to my face.

We saw Avengers - End game and yes, I think I watched it a day apart from the Game of Thrones episode of the Battle of Winterfall. Loved both - what can I say - I'm easily pleased.

After a long time - I am finally over my Korean drama obsession. I mean I watched so many dramas - that honestly, I need to go to Seoul. I can write a whole post about it. But if you are looking for nice Korean dramas - you can watch 'Hello, my twenties'.
However, for now, RIP Korean drama for me.

Weather in Dubai has gotten warmer and more humid. I'm back to wearing whites.

Have you guys tried this? It is so good!

I started this new series last month - Love Death Robots. It's similar to Black Mirror in my opinion, though with much shorter episodes. Let me know if you've watched it. I loved the Zima Blue episode.

I'll leave you with this song I discovered - you may have already heard.

How was your April? And. Have a great May you all.

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